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FACEBOOK SCAM: Ferrero Rocher 'Leaked Video Footage'

According to this Facebook 'warning' post, you will never eat Ferrero Rocher chocolates again after clicking a link and viewing leaked video footage.

The post features a teaser image depicting long rows of the chocolates, presumably photographed during a packaging process.  The image includes a video 'Play' button, which supposedly allows you to click and view the footage.

However, the post is a typical 'shocking video' survey scam. Here's what happens if you click the post:

  • You will be taken to a fake Facebook Page that appears to host the video. The fake Page comes with equally fake user comments.

  • When you click the 'Play' button, you will be told that you must share the page on Facebook to start the video. By sharing, you are promoting the same scam message to all of your friends.

  • After you share as instructed, you will then be told via a popup that you must 'verify your age' by filling in an online survey.

  • The survey will ask you to supply name and contact details, ostensibly so that you can go in the draw for various prizes.

  • Even after participating in a survey, the 'age verification' popup will remain and you will still not get to see the footage. In fact, no matter how many surveys you complete, you will never get to see the promised video.
The people who created the scam will receive commissions each time someone supplies their details via a survey. The details you supply on such survey sites will be shared with third party marketers. Thus, you will likely begin receiving unwanted and annoying phone calls, marketing emails and surface junk mail.

Facebook scams like this one are very common.  Be wary of any post that claims that you must first like and share and then fill in a survey before viewing a 'shocking video'.


[WARNING] You will never Eat Ferrero Rocher Chocolates after watching this leaked video footage.

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Last updated: January 1, 2015
First published: January 1, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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