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Facebook Survey Scam: 'Free $100 Coupon From The Cheesecake Factory'

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According to a post appearing on Facebook, you can click to receive a free gift coupon from The Cheesecake Factory worth $100. The post features a clickable image of the supposed coupon.

However, the post is not associated with The Cheesecake Factory, and people who participate will certainly not receive a free coupon.

The post is a typical Facebook survey scam. If you click the link in the hope of getting the promised coupon, you will first be taken to a fake Facebook page that claims that you must first share the page and then send it to ten Facebook groups before you are eligible to receive your free coupon (see screenshot at bottom of page). But, alas, by obeying these instructions you are in fact exposing your Facebook friends and Facebook Group members to the same scam.

And, even after you share and send as instructed, you will still not get the supposed coupon. Instead, you will be told that you must verify your entry by participating in one or more online surveys. A popup window will appear that features a list of links to various survey websites.

The survey websites promise the chance to win further prizes for people who participate in surveys and supply their name and contact details. However, fine print on the sites will state that the personal information you provide will be shared with 'sponsors' and other third-parties. Thus, you will soon begin receiving unwanted and annoying marketing calls, text messages, emails, and surface mail letters that try to get you to buy various products and services.

But, despite the claims on the scam Facebook page, you will never receive the promised coupon no matter how many surveys you fill in.

Meanwhile, the scammers responsible for the fraudulent coupon prize post will earn commissions each and every time a hapless user provides his or her personal details on one of the survey sites.

Survey scams like this one are very common on Facebook. Many different companies have had their names hijacked and used in such scams. Be wary of any Facebook post that claims that you can get free coupons or vouchers just by liking, sharing, posting to groups, or participating in online surveys.



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Last updated: September 3, 2015
First published: September 3, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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