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'Free Cases of Smirnoff Vodka' Facebook Scam

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Supposedly, as a means of celebrating its 150th anniversary, Smirnoff is giving away free cases of vodka to Facebook users. A circulating post promoting the supposed giveaway urges you to click to claim your prize now and warns that the offer ends today.

However, the post is not associated with Smirnoff and those who click will certainly not receive a free case of vodka. The post, and the fraudulent webpage it links to are part of a typical Facebook survey scam.

If you click on the post in the hope of collecting your case of vodka, you will be taken to a webpage that appears at first glance to be part of the Facebook website. However, the webpage is not a genuine Facebook page. The fake page asks you to follow '2 simple steps' to claim your prize.

In Step 1, you are requested to share the fake page on Facebook. This helps spread the fake promotion across Facebook and, by complying, you expose all of your friends to the scam as well.

In Step 2, you are asked to send a link to the fake page to five of your Facebook Groups. This turns you into a spammer and further spreads the scam.

The bogus page supposedly includes a system that checks that you have completed the two steps before allowing you to proceed. If you click the 'claim your vodka' button, a message will inform you that you have not yet completed the required steps.

In fact, the fake page is not checking anything at all. After a short period of fake checking, the page will automatically redirect to a bogus 'claim' website even if you have not completed the two steps outlined.

But, alas, by the time the page redirects, you may have already shared the material and posted it to your groups.

And, when the supposed claim page does open, it will be greyed out and a popup window will inform you that you must fill out a survey to 'unlock premium content'.

The popup contains a list of links that open various third party survey websites. The survey websites claim that you can win further prizes by supplying your name, address, and phone details. But, fine print on the pages will state that the information you supply will be shared with 'site sponsors' and online marketers. If you participate, you will soon start receiving unwanted phone calls, emails, and surface letters that attempt to sell you various products and services.

Or, in some cases, the site may try to trick you into subscribing to an expensive SMS service that will charge you several dollars per message it sends.

And, no matter how many surveys you complete, you will never get so much as a sip of vodka.

The scammers who created this fake Smirnoff vodka promotion will earn commissions each and every time somebody supplies their personal information on one of the survey sites.

Like-farming and survey scams like this one are very common and continue to target Facebook users. Be cautious of any post or Page that claims that you can win valuable prizes just by liking, sharing, and participating in online surveys.



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Smirnoff is Giving FREE cases of Vodka to celebrate 150th Anniversary (180 Cases Remaining)

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Last updated: October 22, 2015
First published: October 22, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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