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FTC 'Consumer Complaint Notification' Malware Email

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This email claims to be an official complaint notification from America's Federal Trade Commission (FTC). According to the message, the FTC has received a consumer complaint, claiming that your company is violating the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Supposedly, the FTC has initiated a formal investigation prior to taking legal action. The message urges you to click a link to 'download the document containing the complaint and the plaintiff contact information'.

However, the message is not from the FTC and the claim that a complaint has been made against you is just a ruse to trick you into clicking the link.

Clicking the link automatically downloads a .zip file. The name of the .zip file ( along with a reference to Adobe Reader in the email text may lull you into thinking that the downloaded document is just a harmless PDF.

However, the .zip file contains a dangerous file that - if opened - can install malware on your computer. Typically, such malware can connect to remote servers and download further malware components, steal sensitive information such as passwords, and allow criminals to take control of the infected computer.

Versions of these FTC complaint malware emails have been distributed in various forms for several years. Be wary of any unsolicited email that purports to be from a government agency or consumer protection organization such as the BBB that claims that you must click a link or open an attached file to review a complaint made against you. Such emails are a common criminal tactic.



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Subject: You have one new consumer complaint

CONSUMER COMPLAINT NOTIFICATION This notification has been automatically sent to you because we have received a consumer complaint, claiming that your company is violating the CCPA (Consumer Credit Protection Act).

According to our policy, we have initiated a formal investigation before taking legal action.

You can download the document containing the complaint and the plaintiff contact information, from : [Link Removed]

Note that Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer.
Please take a moment to review the bolded section in the complaint, regarding the CCPA violation.

FTC Comsumer Complaint Malware Email

Beware Malware

Last updated: May 19, 2015
First published: May 19, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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