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Bogus Facebook Giveaway - 'Free GHD Straighteners'

Facebook Page claims that it is giving away ghd straighteners to users who like the page and share a photo.

Girl Straightening Hair Lee

Brief Analysis
The Page is not a legitimate ghd Facebook Page. The supposed giveaway is bogus. It appears to be an attempt by unethical Internet marketers to garner very large amounts of likes and shares under false pretenses.

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We have got 569 GHD Hair straighteners that can't be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free..

Want a pair? Just Share this photo & Like our page then we will choose 569 people completely at random on 20th March.

ghd straighteners giveaway scam

Detailed Analysis
Spam messages currently appearing on Facebook claim that users can receive a free ghd straighter just by liking the "Ghd Straighteners" Facebook Page and sharing a photograph. The Page claims that it is giving away 569 of the popular hair stylers because they have been unsealed and therefore can not be sold. The Page claims that the 569 participants will be randomly chosen to receive one of the stylers on March 20, 2013.The Page features the ghd logo along with various ghd product photographs.

However, the supposed giveaway is not a legitimate ghd promotion. The genuine ghd Australia Facebook Page has published the following warning to fans:

Hi ghd Australia fans, we have received a number of inbox messages and posts in regards to a page 'Ghd straighteners' giving away ghd stylers. This is not a legitimate ghd Facebook page. To protect yourself online and to ensure that you are purchasing genuine ghd products, only purchase from a ghd approved salon or the ghd official website Thank you for being amazing ghd advocates!

It appears that the bogus ghd offer is designed only to entice people into liking and sharing the Page. Such pages offer fictional giveaways in the hope of amassing very large numbers of likes. Pages with high "like" numbers can later be sold to naive or unscrupulous Internet marketers at inflated prices. Or, they can be used to promote dodgy products or services to a large audience. In some versions, the bogus pages are also used to trick people into participating in online survey scams.

Moreover, the scenario described on the suspect ghd straighteners page is quite improbable. Even if the products were unsealed as claims, there is no reason why they could not be sold, perhaps at a discounted price. The stylers retail online at the Australian store for more that $260 each. Thus 569 of them would have a retail value of around $150,000. Why would any legitimate entity give away products worth that much money for no intrinsic gain? The suspect Page makes no attempt to explain where the straightens were procured from or what motivation they have for giving away such a valuable haul of products.

It seems clear that the aim of the Page is simply to collect as many likes as possible by any means, even offering non-existent prizes and telling outright lies. This version is quite similar to another bogus giveaway Page that promises free Xbox 720 game consoles to those willing to like and share. In fact, there are many other fake giveaway pages currently appearing on Facebook. If you encounter such a Page do not "like" it or share any information that it contains. By doing so, you will just be helping the scam artists who run such campaigns to reach their goals.

For some tips on identifying such fake giveaway pages, see:
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Last updated: March 11, 2013
First published: March 11, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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