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FAKE - Image Showing Giant Cross Crashed Through Adult Store Roof


Viral image supposedly depicts a giant cross crashed through the roof of an 'Adult World' store. Captions that circulate with the image suggest that the depicted incident shows God's wrath against the 'sinful' store.

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Brief Analysis

The image is quite obviously photoshopped. Both the giant cross and the adult store are real, but the cross did not fall through the roof of the store. A local preacher named James Potter put up the cross, which stands on a roadside at Caryville, Tennessee in close proximity to the Adult World store.


Giant Cross Adult World

Detailed Analysis

This image, which is currently circulating rapidly via social media, supposedly depicts a gigantic cross that has plunged through the roof of an 'Adult World' store. Some commentators have suggested that God deliberately caused the cross to fall and destroy the sinful adult store.

However, the image is just a visual prank created via some digital manipulation. It appears that a user called 'Camerahand' may have created the image. Camerahand posted the image, along with the following description, to the Ugly Hedgehog photography forum back in 2011:
A local minister erected a HUGE cross near an adult book
(and ???) store along I-75 in Caryville, Tennessee.
I figured a little assistance was needed.
The image includes the caption 'slightly photoshopped'.

Both the cross and the Adult World store are real. The cross stands adjacent to the adult store. A November 2003 6News report explains:
CAMPBELL COUNTY (WATE) -- If you drive on Interstate 75 in East Tennessee, you may have seen large white crosses put up by a Scott County man. The surprise about the latest one is what stands next to it.
James Potter's newest cross stands 101 feet, 6 inches from the ground, and it's right off I-75 at exit 141 in Caryville.
The cross couldn't get much closer to Adult World, a store featuring adult videos and an adult arcade.
Potter has erected several large crosses in East Tennessee. In the report, he claims that he was intending to put another cross in the area before the adult store moved in, but the store gave him even more reason to do so. 'You have to be pretty brave to go by that cross and go down there [to the adult shop] and ignore it', the preacher suggests. Potter has fallen foul of local authorities due to his positioning of the crosses.

So, the picture does not depict God's wrath against sinful behaviour at all. Rather it shows some basic photoshopping that the artist obviously created just for the fun of it.

Last updated: April 30, 2014
First published: April 30, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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