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Facebook Scam - 'Girl Was An Aware What She Have Inside Her'

This widely distributed Facebook post, which features an image of a girl on a hospital bed, claims that the girl was not aware what she had inside her until they cut off her pants. The grammatically challenged post tries to entice you to click the image to see a video about the incident.

The message is a typical Facebook shocking video scam.

Clicking the image first asks you to install a rogue app that will spam your Facebook friends.

Next, you are taken to a video 'news' site that host two videos. The second video is a normal embedded YouTube video that tells the tale of a girl who did not know she was pregnant until she began having her baby.

But, the first video on the page is blacked out. A notice on the top of the page informs you that you must download and install a video plugin to watch a high definition version of the video. And clicking the 'Play' button on the video takes you to a page that again instructs you to download the plugin.   

But the plugin is actually a malware program that can hijack your browser, display malicious advertisements, and interfere with your computer's security settings.

While on the page, you may also be automatically redirected to a website that claims that you can win various prizes by participating in an online survey. The survey pages try to get you to supply your name and contact details and subscribe to expensive SMS services.

The details you supply may then be shared with third party marketers and you may thus begin receiving annoying and unwanted marketing phone calls, emails and junk mail.

This type of scam is very common on Facebook. Be wary of any post promising shocking or salacious video footage. If you encounter such a post, don't be tempted to click.

Often, you can see the original version of the videos right on YouTube without the need to install any Facebook apps, download malware, or participate in surveys.



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Last updated: January 20, 2015
First published: January 20, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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