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Google Maps 'Murder Scene'

Circulating message claims that an attached image taken from Google Maps may depict a grisly murder scene on a wooden jetty complete with blood trail. The message urges users to quickly go to the specified map coordinates to zoom in and view the scene before Google removes it.

Koningin Beatrixpark May 2010

Image courtesy: amy in holland on flickr

Brief Analysis
Exactly what the image depicts remains unclear. It is impossible to zoom in close enough to garner a definitive answer. One possible explanation is that the "blood stain" is simply water left by a dripping dog or person. Dutch police have reportedly been sent the image. But, given that the images were compiled by Google back in 2009, evidence of the alleged murder might now be difficult to find.

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Quicklyy go to google maps before they block this out.


Select map view and zoom in.
It looks like someone just got caught red handed. 
Go Go Go.

Google Maps Murder

Detailed Analysis

This message, which is circulating via social media websites, blogs and online forums, features a Google Maps image depicting what has been interpreted by some viewers as the scene of a grisly murder. The message urges viewers to quickly go to the provided coordinates on Google Maps to zoom in and see the image for themselves before Google blocks it. The image shows a jetty at the Queen Beatrix Park, Almere Stad, a district of Almere, a city in the Netherlands.

The image has created a great deal of speculation and often heated debate since its "discovery" by an Internet user in the Netherlands. In fact, it is currently unclear exactly what the image depicts. It is not possible to zoom in close enough to make a concrete conclusion. But, many have postulated that the people in the image are attempting to dispose of a body, which they have dragged along the jetty, leaving a blood trail in their wake.

Another, arguably much more probable albeit less exciting, theory is that the supposed "blood trail" is nothing more than water dripped onto the wood. As the following image illustrates, water on wooden decking can create darker stains that might well be mistaken for blood. Given the reddish colour of the decking wood on the Queen Beatrix jetty, water stains would look even more blood-like than they might on lighter timbers. Another photograph of the jetty that can be viewed on Flickr again shows the reddish hue of the timber. Thus, the stain might have been left by a dripping human or animal who had previously been swimming in the lake. The "body" may be a wet dog laying on the deck by his human companions.

Jetty with water stains Binns

A wider view of the area shows that the jetty is located in a park amidst a densely populated urban area. It seems doubtful that even the most brazen criminals would attempt to dispose of a body in such a public place during broad daylight:

Google Map Wider Image

But, alas, all this is mere conjecture. Dutch police have reportedly been sent the picture, although it is unclear if they have yet investigated the matter. Given that the pictures used to create the Google Maps image were taken back in 2009, evidence of any crime committed there might now be difficult to find. And despite the advice in the message to quickly view the scene before it is blocked, the image so far remains open for all who wish to look at it.

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Last updated: April 17, 2013
First published: April 17, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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Has grisly murder scene been caught on camera by Google Maps?

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