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Hoax - 'Harry Potter 8 Confirmed by J.K. Rowling'

Circulating press release claims that author J.K. Rowling has confirmed that she is writing an 8th Harry Potter novel after being disappointed by reaction to her adult novel "The Casual Vacancy".

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Brief Analysis
The supposed press release is a hoax. It began life as an April Fools joke published on a book review website. Rowling has not announced any plans for another Harry Potter novel.

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Exclusive: Harry Potter 8 Confirmed by J.K. Rowling!!

Yahoo News and the New York Times today confirmed that J.K. Rowling is writing the eighth Harry Potter novel, and is already 75% done with the manuscript. Details on the storyline are hush hush, but Rowling is said to be revealing more about the upcoming HP novel later this very week in a press conference in Scotland.

Rowling is said to be disappointed to the reaction of her adult novel The Casual Vacancy, released last fall, which left readers worldwide perplexed and disappointed. She was discouraged particularly by the disappointment of the younger readers, who picked up The Casual Vacancy expecting another Harry Potter book. She wanted to go back and write a book that will be a treat to her fans all around the world.

Detailed Analysis

According to a supposed press release that is currently circulating via social media and the blogosphere, legendary author J.K. Rowling has recently announced that she is writing an 8th Harry Potter novel. 

The press release claims that Rowling was prompted to embark on the new Potter book after being disappointed by reader reaction to her adult novel "The Casual Vacancy".  The press release even speculates about a possible 9th Harry Potter film and includes quotes from star Daniel Radcliffe.

However, the supposed press release is entirely fiction. At the risk of disappointing legions of Harry Potter fans, I must reveal that J.K Rowling has made no such announcement. There are no immediate or concrete plans for a new book. 

The fake press release started life as an April Fools joke published on book review website, Story Carnivores on (you guessed it) April 1st 2013.

In context, it was reasonably apparent that the story was a prank. The last line of the article more or less owns up to the prank via a fake quote from Daniel Radcliffe in which he utters with narrowed eyes, "Wait, what day is it again?"

It is unclear why the prank news release has re-emerged several months on, but it has apparently tricked many fans into believing that a new Harry Potter book is now on the way.

For the record, when asked about the possibility of further Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling notes on her website:

I have always refused to say ‘never’ to this question, because I think it would be foolish to rule out something I might want to do in a few years’ time. However, I have no immediate plans to write another Harry Potter novel, and I do think that I have rounded off Harry’s story in the seven published books.
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Last updated: November 21, 2013
First published: November 21, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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New ‘Harry Potter’ Book Hoax: Fake Book 8 Press Release Prompts Rumors Of Another Installment In The Boy Wizard Series
Exclusive: Harry Potter 8 Confirmed by J.K. Rowling!!
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