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'Baby Born With Heart Outside Body' Sick Baby Hoax

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According to a post currently circulating via Facebook, you can help a baby born with his heart outside his body just by sharing his image. Supposedly, Facebook has decided to donate $1 to help the child each time the post is shared on the network.

However, the message is nothing more than a disgusting hoax. Sharing the image will do nothing whatsoever to help the pictured child. Facebook certainly does not donate money based on how many times a post is shared.

The morally debased individual who created this nasty hoax apparently stole the baby's image from 2012 news reports that discussed the child's case. The picture depicts baby Hayes, who was born in 2011 in Houston, Texas. Hayes was born with a condition called omphalocele, a birth defect in which abdominal organs protrude from the belly button.

The baby received surgery to correct the condition in 2012 and doctors were very pleased with the results.

Why, you may ask, would anyone be so callous as to steal an image of a sick child and use it to create an absurd Facebook hoax? Sometimes, such hoaxes are created just as nasty pranks. But, often, they are created as a means of gathering Facebook likes and shares and driving traffic to selected Facebook pages or websites.

Keep in mind that any message that claims that Facebook or another company will donate money based on how many times a post is shared is certain to be a hoax. This example is just the latest in a long line of similar hoaxes that have falsely claimed that money would be donated to assist a sick or injured child in exchange for sharing or liking.

Do not cater to the sick-minded individuals who create these hoaxes by liking and sharing their material. If one of these sick baby hoaxes comes your way, be sure to let the sender know that the message is a hoax.



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Fb has deciced to donate 1$ per share for this baby born with Heart outside body.

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Last updated: August 19, 2015
First published: April 22, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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