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Hoax - 'Giant Skeleton Discovered In Bulgaria'

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Circulating 'news' report claims that archaeologists have unearthed a giant human skeleton in Bulgaria. The report features a picture depicting the skeleton with the archaeologists.

Giant Skeleton Hoax

Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are nonsense. No such giant skeleton has been found. The image is fake and was created by combining a photograph of archaeologists excavating the remains of a dinosaur with a photograph depicting a very old, but normal sized human skeleton. This is just one among a number of similar 'giant skeleton' hoaxes that have circulated for many years.



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March 23, 2015 - A team of archaeologists have uncovered the skeletal remains of a giant in the Bulgarian city of Varna.

Fake Giant Skeleton Image

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims Giant Skeleton Found in Bulgaria

According to a report that is being passed around via various 'alternative news' websites, social media posts, and the blogosphere, a giant human skeleton has been unearthed at Varna in Bulgaria. The report claims that the giant human is estimated to have lived and died during the 5th century AD.

The report features an image of the giant skeleton with a row of archaeologists crouched down beside the bones.

Report is Nonsense - Giant Skeleton Image is Fake

But, not surprisingly, the claims in the report are utter nonsense. No such giant human skeleton has been found, in Bulgaria or anywhere else.

The story is a work of fiction and the image is fake. The picture was created by combining two unrelated images to make it appear that the skeleton was gigantic.

The part of the image depicting the row of archaeologists has been extracted from a photograph of a dinosaur excavation and added into a photograph of a very old, but normal sized human skeleton.

Of course, if such a giant skeleton had really been discovered, it would have been extensively covered by the mainstream news media as well as archaeology and other scientific publications.

In fact, this silly hoax is just one among several giant skeleton hoaxes that have circulated in various forms for years on end. The other hoaxes also feature fake giant skeleton images.

Giant Human Hoax


Last updated: March 30, 2015
First published: March 30, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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