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Fake News Report Claims Loggers Have Cut Down World's Oldest Tree

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Circulating 'news' report claims that illegal loggers have mistakenly cut down the world's oldest tree in the Amazon Rainforest.

Fake News

Brief Analysis

The report is fiction. It hails from the fake-news website World News Daily Report, which considers itself satirical. Nothing published on World News Daily Report has any credibility and the site's material should not be taken seriously.


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Loggers Accidentally Cut Down World’s Oldest Tree in Amazon Forest

Illegal loggers at the frontier of the Peruvian and Brazilian border have mistakenly cut down what experts claim is the world’s oldest tree after allegedly not noticing ….

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims World's Oldest Tree Cut Down By Loggers

According to a report that is circulating rapidly via social media and email, illegal loggers working near the Peruvian and Brazilian border have mistakenly cut down the world's oldest tree.

Supposedly, the loggers did not realize they were working in an Amazon Indigenous reserve and cut down a giant Samauma tree that was estimated to be over 5,800 years old.

The story is causing a good deal of angst and outrage as it travels.

Report is Fiction - Comes from Fake-News Site World News Daily Report

However, the claims in the story are untrue. There are no credible reports that support the claims in the message.

The story comes from the fake-news 'satirical' website World News Daily Report.  None of the stories published on the site are valid and its material should not be taken seriously.

The site suggests that its material is 'for entertainment purposes only'.  However, its stories are presented as news articles and there are no clear disclaimers that reveal that the material is fictional.

Thus, many people believe the information published on the site and pass it on in good faith.

The image used in the story was taken from earlier reports discussing deforestation in the Amazon.

Of course, trees can reach quite amazing ages with one spruce tree in Sweden thought to be around 9,550 years old. Other trees around the world are also thousands of years old.

Deforestation is a very serious issue, but spreading nonsensical reports about it will do no good.

Best To Verify Circulating Stories Before Sharing

Many fake-news 'satire' websites have appeared in recent years. Between them, they churn out an endless stream of nonsense, much of which is shared via Facebook and other social media sites.

It is thus wise to verify any 'news' stories that come your way before you share them. It is normally quite easy to check a circulating story by searching online

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Last updated: December 10, 2014
First published: December 10, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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