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Hoax - 'RFID Chip Will Be Implemented In All Public Schools By 2015'


Circulating report claims that RFID chips will be implemented In all US public school children by 2015 in an effort to curb gun violence.

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Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are utter nonsense. No such school microchipping program is going to be implemented. The circulating message links back to a longer report on a political blog called the 'New Republic of Texas'. However, the blog sourced the story from National Report, a fake-news website that bills itself as satirical.  Nothing originating from National Report should be taken seriously.


RFID Chip Will Be Implemented In All Public Schools By 2015; Gun Violence Cited

Due to the recent boom in school shootings many educational facilities across the nation have required that parents have their children implanted with RFID chips before being allowed to attend class.

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims Children in US Public Schools To Be Microchipped

According to a message that is circulating rapidly via social media, all children attending US public schools will be implanted with RIFD chips by 2015. The message links to a longer report published on a political opinion blog called 'The New Republic of Texas'.

The report claims that the microchipping move is an effort to curb gun violence in US schools. The report also claims that the program will begin in 2015 during enrolment, and will be mandatory for grades 6 through 12.

Report is Nonsense

However, the claims in the report are utter nonsense. No such RFID chip program is set to be implemented. The story is purely fiction.

Although The New Republic of Texas blog presents the story is a real news report, it actually sourced the story from the notorious fake-news website National Report.

Like many similar 'patriot' blogs The New Republic of Texas apparently sees itself as offering serious political commentary. But, of course, republishing fictional stories from fake-news satire sites like National Report and regurgitating wacky conspiracy theories all but destroys any shred of credibility it might have had.

Nothing Originating From National Report Should be Believed

National Report presents it stories as news articles and resembles a genuine news site. Because of this, many viewers believe that its stories are true. However, nothing published on National Report should be taken seriously. A disclaimer previously featured on the site admitted that all 'news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news' and any 'resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental'

But, the managers of the site have now removed this disclaimer and replaced it with a genericand unhelpful statement disavowing responsibility for views expressed by its writers. Nevertheless, as per their original disclaimer, all articles on National Report are fiction.

Just One in a Series of Silly Microchipping Stories

In fact, this fake report is just one in a series of false microchipping stories that have circulated courtesy of National Report or other fake-news sites. And the reports are built on long-running and utterly unfounded conspiracy theories that claim that the US government is about to start microchipping citizens in order to control them from afar.

No Mainstream Coverage

Of course, if any of these stories were remotely true, they would have received extensive and ongoing coverage by the mainstream media all around the world. Privacy and civil liberty groups would be vigorously and loudly opposing such moves and making citizens aware of the implications. Political parties in opposition to current governments would not stand by silently, but, would naturally use opposition against any government microchipping plans to gain favour with voters.

The total absence of any legitimate media coverage, or credible political or social opposition is enough alone to expose the mandatory microchipping stories as nonsense.

Sadly, some wide-eyed conspiracy theorists will claim that government, those in opposition, the main stream media and all other stakeholders are all part of a giant world-wide conspiracy designed to keep 'the truth' from citizens. The logistics of keeping such a conspiracy intact and operational are mind-boggling.

Applying just a little logic and common sense would surely indicate to any reasonably intelligent person that the existence of such a watertight, planet-wide conspiracy is total nonsense.

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Last updated: July 14, 2014
First published: July 14, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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