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SURVEY SCAM - '$200 Home Depot Coupon Giveaway'

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According to a message currently being distributed on Facebook, US based retailer The Home Depot is giving away coupons worth $200 each. The message features an image depicting such a coupon and invites you to click to get your own.

However, the message has no connection to The Home Depot and the claim that $200 coupons are being given away is a lie. There are no free coupons and no winners. The message is a typical survey scam.

If you click the link in the message, you will be taken to a fake Facebook page that claims that you must first share the page on Facebook and then add a comment before you can get your coupon (see screenshot below). By sharing and commenting, you are promoting the scam message to your Facebook friends, and thereby ensuring that the scammers gain even more victims.

After you share and comment as instructed, you can then click a 'Get Your Coupon' link. However, you will still not receive the promised coupon. Instead, you will be taken to a third party website that claims that you can win further prizes by entering your name and contact information and participating in a survey or offer.

However, fine print on the page will note that, by entering, you are giving permission for your name and contact details to be shared with 'sponsors'. Thus, you may soon begin receiving unwanted and annoying phone calls, emails, and surface letters from various third-party marketers.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide your mobile phone number. However, by submitting your number, you will actually be subscribing to an expensive SMS 'club' that will charge you several dollars for every text message they send you.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the bogus Home Depot coupon giveaway scheme will be rewarded with affiliate commissions each and every time somebody participates in a survey or offer.

And, alas, no matter how many surveys or offers you complete, you will never get to claim your free coupon, which never existed to begin with.

Survey scams like this one continue to be very common on Facebook. Be very wary of any supposed giveaway that claims that you must first like, share, or comment, and then participate in third-party surveys before you can claim a promised prize.



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Last updated: May 4, 2015
First published: May 4, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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