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Photos of Houses in Weird Places

Series of circulating images supposedly show houses built in strange locations (Full commentary below).

Some images are manipulated - others are genuine

Example:(Submitted, April 2007)
Subject: Houses in weird places

Could you go to sleep at night and not wonder if these houses would be there the next morning?

How would you like to spend your nights in # 3


Weird House 1 Weird House 5 Weird House 3 Weird House 11 Weird House 2 Weird House 6 Weird House 7 Weird House 8 Weird House 9 Weird House 10 Weird House 4

This interesting set of images is circulating via email and online. According to the accompanying text, the images depict unusual dwellings that have been built in various "weird" locations.

However, while some of the images are genuine photographs and show real buildings, others have been digitally manipulated. Moreover, while some of the buildings are real, not all are actually used as houses.

Each image is discussed in turn below:

This image is an entry in the Bizarrchitecture 3 Photoshop contest conducted by Worth1000. The entry was created by Norrit and is titled Bond Mansion.

This image is titled Kjerag Tower and is also by Norrit. It was an entry in the Bizarrchitecture 4 contest at Worth1000.

This image is yet another Norrit entry for Bizarrchitecture 4. It is titled Afrodite's Eye.

The building is called Dar Al Hajar and is located in Yemen. The rock palace was built in the 1930's as a summer residence for the Imam Yahya and now houses a museum.

This amazing little house wedged between rocks is located on the coast near Plougrescant, in France.

This image shows the Treehouse Restaurant located in Okinawa, Japan. The "tree" holding the building is actually made of concrete.

The building in the photograph is the Thomas Point Lighthouse located in the US state of Maryland. This wonderful lighthouse was built in 1825 and will be preserved for future generations.

The image depicts the Westerheversand Lighthouse near Oldenswort, Germany.

The photograph shows a very old mill located near Vernon in France. The mill straddles two piers of an ancient bridge that crossed the Seine River and probably dates from the 16th Century. It is a popular subject for artists and photographers and was even painted by the artist Monet, who lived in the area in 1883.

This image is also taken from the Worth1000, Bizarrchitecture 4 contest. It is an entry titled Icehouse by Cj

Once again, the image is an entry in the Bizarrchitecture 4 contest at Worth1000. The image, titled You should see the front! is by solipsism.

Last updated: 30th April 2007
First published: 30th April 2007

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen