Malicious eCard emails continue

Over the past fortnight, Internet users have been hit by a spate of fake eCard notification emails. Some claim to be notifications about a postcard from a family member. Earlier in July, other emails claimed to be a 4th July celebration eCard notification from a colleague or friend.

Another version, received today, claims that a classmate has sent you an eCard. An example of this version is included below:

Hi. Class mate has sent you an ecard.
See your card as often as you wish during the next 15 days.


If your email software creates links to Web pages, click on your card's direct www address below while you are connected to the Internet:


Or copy and paste it into your browser's "Location" box (where Internet addresses go).

We hope you enjoy your awesome card.

Wishing you the best,

Clicking on links in these emails opens a website that will download a trojan to the user's computer. The trojan will then attempt to download and install other malware.

Be very cautious of any eCard notification emails. Do not click links in these emails until you have checked that the message is from a genuine eCard service. Links in the message may be disguised using HTML to make them appear more legitimate. Genuine eCard notification messages will identify you by name and will clearly state who sent you the eCard.

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At August 1, 2007 5:36 AM, Blogger TMT1969 said...

I receive about 12 to 15 of these emails a day. I send it to my JUNK e-mail, but does not seem to stop them. SICK OF THESE EMAILS!

At August 2, 2007 6:45 PM, Blogger Brett Christensen said...

Yes, these fake eCards continue to pour into my inboxes as well. I've seen a number of new variations as well.


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