Bogus YouTube Emails

The perpetrators of an ongoing malware attack that began with fake eCard notification emails have again changed tactics. The latest distribution of bogus emails contain a link disguised to look like it leads to a YouTube video. However, the link actually opens a website that can download and install a trojan.

I have included three examples of the malware emails below:

Subject: LOL, dude what are you doing

You need to take this offline, it is in everyones email. :-( check it out yourself [Link to malicious website removed]

OMG, what are you thinking

If your dad see this video you made, he is gonna kill you. see for yourself...
[Link to malicious website removed]

Where did you take that?

Dude I know thats you, someone emailed me a link to the video. this is the link to it.[Link to malicious website removed]

As well as these bogus YouTube emails, and fake eCard notifications, the scammers are also sending out fake Membership Confirmation emails. All three types of spam point to web pages containing malware. Once this malware is installed it can then download even more malware components

The tactics used by these Internet criminals is likely to continue changing as they come up with even more ways to trick unwary users into clicking links without due care and attention.

You should be very cautious of any unsolicited emails that ask you to click an included link. It is also vitally important that all Windows users ensure that they have the latest security updates installed and use a firewall along with anti-virus and anti-spyware scanners.

Another eCard twist
Storm Worm using YouTube

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At August 28, 2007 6:34 AM, Blogger Skippy said...

You're doing a great job mate, keep up the reports! The internet community as a whole benefits from work like this, the more spam is reported as spam, the more informed we can all be.

Skip from The MacTake.


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