Malicious PDF Email Attachments

Many inboxes, including my own, have been hit with emails that carry a malicious PDF attachment. The attachments carry a PDF file expolit that can download a malicious .exe file to the compromised computer. This .exe file can in turn download other malware files.

The site hosting the malware files has now been taken down. However, users should be very cautious of opening unsolicited PDF attachments (or any unsolicited attachments, for that matter).

Users should also update their installations of Adobe Reader as soon as possible.

The email arrive with a variety of subject lines including:
* Balance Report
* Your balance report
* Personal Balance Report
* Your credit points
* Your credit report
* Your Credit File
* Personal Financial Statement
* Personal Credit Points

More Information:
Attack of the PDFs

An example:

Subject: Balance Report
Please review your Balance report.

Attachment name:

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