Lottery Scams - Short Version

Of late, I've been receiving a number of quite primitive lottery scam emails like the example I have included below. Scammers usually go to at least some effort to make their bogus "winning notification" emails seem legitimate. In fact, some lottery scam emails are quite sophisticated and even include official looking graphics and formatting.

However, these "quick and dirty" versions are so amateurish it is hard to see how even the most gullible recipient would fall for them. With such poor grammar and formatting, the messages barely make sense.

Perhaps this particular scammer is new at the game, or just plain lazy.

That said, some naive recipients might just be curious enough to reply to the message asking for more information. Of course, once contact has been made, the scammer may be able to convince his victim to send upfront fees, ostensibly to allow the release of the non-existent prize money. Or he may gradually collect enough information to steal his victim's identity.

Sadly, the criminal would only need to con one or two victims to make this primitive scam attempt pay off handsomely.

For details about lottery scams, see:
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An example of one of the scam messages:

This is to inform you that your email ID with your email Do email us for Clarification and Claim of your $2,000,000.00 dollars won in the lottery Award, kindly Contact on this email
addres: [email protected] ,Mr,cole van Hans

win 106, lucky no,f3-11234p, tic no,L-44s209m, Ref no,L413979,
Tell: 0031-61-11-464- 78, Regard,mrs versloot,PRO CO-ORDINATOR
[email protected] ,Tele: 0031-61-11-464-78

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