USS New York Launches

Since mid 2006, a message has been circulating that claims that steel left from the World Trade Center is being used in the construction of new navy assault ship, USS New York. The information in the message is true.

And, according to recent news about the vessel, USS New York has now been launched. The following report from the USS New York website gives details about the launch:

USS New York Update 1/1/2008 HERE SHE COMES !

The future USS NEW YORK LPD-21, (USSNY) the fifth ship of the San Antonio-class of amphibious ships was launched (get wet) on December 19th at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems facility ( in Avondale, LA. As the USSNY nears 75% completion, final plans are coming together for the Chris-Comm Events. The Christening will be held on the 1st of March. It is a invitation only event, you must contact ( for invitations if you would like to attend. The ships sponsor, Mrs. Gordon England, wife of Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England, ( will break the ceremonial bottle of champagne across her bow and “Christen Thee New York”. Following that the ship will continue through sea trials and final fitting out until the Commissioning in New York City (, Fall 2009. Preparations are underway for these events, which are expected to span an entire week. The Commissioning Committee ( web site coming in March 2008) comprised of volunteers from a broad spectrum, has the awesome responsibility of raising 1.5 M for these events as well as other USSNY projects. The commissioning is expected to be the memorial event of the century and draw many top political and public figures as well as huge crowds. The USS New York’s importance to this City, State and Nation cannot be underestimated. There is no other ship in world history that will carry the import and prestige that this vessel carries. She will become America’s greatest naval ambassador and will carry our flag to the 4 corners of the world throughout the 21st century.

Many milestones will occur this year like main engine light-offs, powering up on her own diesel generators and completing and testing of the various ships systems. Each system creates its own vibration in the hull that makes the ship feel as if it has come to life. Many sailors will awake when that vibration stops for any reason. It’s as if she was singing you to sleep.

As she awakens… A nation awaits

For more info or to keep up on the USSNY’s news blog

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