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Circulating Image Depicts Fisherman With Massive Catfish

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An image going viral via social media depicts an extremely large catfish along with the fisherman who caught it.


Brief Analysis

The photograph is genuine. Other photographs and reports confirm the catch. Reports indicate that the fish was more than 120kg in weight and around 2.67 metres long. Catfish of the size depicted are not unprecedented and some that have been caught were even larger.



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Detailed Analysis

Viral Image Depicts Fisherman With Giant Catfish

An image depicting an extremely large catfish and the fisherman who caught it is going viral via social media, causing considerable debate as it travels. Because the fish looks so large, some have questioned the image's authenticity and have suggested that it may have been 'photoshopped'.

Image is Genuine

However, despite its seemingly unbelievable size, the image is reportedly genuine. The fish has been identified as a wels catfish.

Fisherman Dino Ferrari caught the monster fish in Italy's Po Delta. A series of other images depicting Dino and the same fish were published on the Sportex Italia Facebook Page.

A number of news outlets have also reported on the catch. The fish weighed in at a hefty 127kg and was 2.67 meters long.

Not The Biggest Catfish Caught

While certainly very large, the size of Mr Ferrari's catch is not unprecedented. Another catfish caught in the same area of Italy was recorded at 144 kg and 2.78 metres.

In December 2014, 14-year-old Sam Lee caught a 2.5 metre catfish in Spain.

And, in October 2014, fisherman Tom Herron caught a 94 kg Albino catfish, again in Spain.

National Geographic reports that another species of catfish caught in the Mekong River tipped the scales at 293kg.



Last updated: July 26, 2015
First published: February 26, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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