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Impaled Boy Facebook Like Farming Hoax

Message featuring an image of a young boy impaled by an iron rod claims that CNN and Facebook have agreed to donate money to help pay the boy's medical expenses each and every time his picture is liked, shared or commented on. The message claims that Facebook and CNN will donate $20 per like, $50 per comment and $100 per share.

Brief Analysis
The message is just one more disgusting like-farming hoax created by loathsome Facebook like-whores. These contemptible swine steal pictures of sick and injured children and use them as a means of collecting Likes for their Facebook Pages and driving traffic to their websites. Liking, sharing or commenting on the picture will do nothing to help the boy. The picture, which was taken in 2009, depicts then six-year-old Mihir Kumar  who was impaled when he fell from a roof. Mihir had surgery to remove the rod and reportedly recovered from his injuries. Do not cater to the sick and twisted desires of the reprehensible scum who create these hoaxes by liking, sharing, or commenting on their material. Sharing such hoaxes is immoral and irresponsible and will help nobody, least of all the pictured child. 

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His parents don't have enough money to pay the expenses so CNN and Facebook are agreeing to pay half the cost so please dont ignore EVERYTHING counts 1 like = 20$ 1 comment = 50$ 1 share = 100 $

Implaed Boy Like Farming Hoax

Detailed Analysis

This message, which is circulating rapidly on Facebook, features a graphic picture of a young child impaled right through his torso by a iron rod. According to the message, Facebook and CNN have agreed to donate money to help the boy when ever his picture is liked, shared or commented on. The message makes the completely ridiculous suggestiont that the boy's parents will receive a total of $170 from CNN and Facebook to pay medical expenses each time a Facebook user, likes, shares and comments on the picture.

The message is just another disgraceful hoax in an ongoing series of such hoaxes that use stolen images of sick, injured or starving children. The immoral swine who create these hoaxes are beneath contempt and are fittingly referred to as "like-whores" by the Internet community. They take pictures of the children from other sources and reuse them without permission. These hoaxes can cause great distress to the families of the pictured children and - of course - the children themselves.

The perpetrators of these hoaxes are motivated by a desire to collect large numbers of likes for their Facebook Pages and drive traffic to their websites. Facebook Pages that accumulate large numbers of Likes can be sold on the black market and/or used to send out spam and scam messages.

The little boy in the picture is Mihir Kumar  from Ranchi, India, who was just six years old when the picture was taken in March, 2009. Mihir slipped from the roof of his family home and was pierced completely through when he fell on an iron rod below. Thankfully, the boy quickly underwent surgery to remove the rod and reportedly recovered from his ordeal. Amazingly, he escaped major internal injuries in the accident.

Any message that claims that Facebook or another entity will donate money when people like or share a picture of a sick child is certain to be a hoax. No reputable company is ever likely to agree to such an absurd and uncontrolled fund-raising campaign. Do not like or share any material posted by these parasites. And do not comment on it either. Commenting just spreads the message further. Report the message to Facebook. Although Facebook has been reprehensibly unresponsive with regard to stopping these hoaxes, they have removed at least a few, so reporting them is still recommended.

Please tell your Facebook friends about these sick child hoaxes so that they will not be caught out if one comes their way.

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Last updated: June 3, 2013
First published: June 3, 2013
Research: David White, Brett Christensen By Brett M. Christensen
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