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Facebook Scam - 'Insect Inside Her Skin'

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Facebook message entices users to click to view footage of an insect being removed from inside a woman's skin. The post features a clickable teaser image supposedly depicting the insect removal.

Insect inside skin
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Brief Analysis

The post is yet another Facebook 'shocking video' scam. Clicking the link takes you to a dodgy 'video trends' website that tries to get you to install a rogue Facebook App that will post spam to your friends in your name. It also tries to trick you into downloading a malware video plugin.


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This woman thought it was a normal allergy under her skin. But when the doctor revealed? It's …

With the help of his doctor and surgery team they put the gloves on in order to remove the insect inside her skin.

Detailed Analysis

Facebook Post Promises Video Of Insect Being Removed From Skin

This message, which is spreading rapidly across Facebook, offers you the chance to view video footage of an insect being removed from beneath a person's skin.

The post includes a teaser image depicting the removal. Users can click the image to see the video.

Post is a Typical 'Shocking Video' Scam

The post is a scam. If you click the image, you will be prompted to give permission for a Facebook app to access your profile and post on your behalf. If you do install the app, it will post the scam message to your wall, thereby exposing your Facebook friends to the scam as well.

You will then be taken to a 'YouTube Trends' webpage. There are two videos hosted on the page. One is a standard YouTube video that indeed depicts a 'monster under the skin'.

But, another video - located in prime position at the top of the page - is blacked out. You are informed that you must install a video plugin before proceeding to view the video. And, if you attempt to view the video by clicking the 'Play' button, you will be redirected to another page that again prompts you to download the plugin.

The 'plugin' is in fact a malware program that can take control of your browser, display malicious advertisements, and interfere with your computer's security settings.

If you see this post, or one of the many similar posts that are also circulating, do not click the image or any other links it contains.

If you really wish to see the promised video, you can view it directly on YouTube without needing to download rogue apps or malware plugins.

insect inside skin

Last updated: January 12, 2015
First published: January 12, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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