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Catagories - Internet Scams

  • Facebook Survey Scams
    Survey scam messages try to trick users into participating in online surveys by promising them expensive prizes. The scam messages are usually distributed via Facebook.

  • Facebook Like-Farming Scams
    Like-farming scams are designed to trick Facebook users into liking and sharing posts or Facebook Pages as a means of driving traffic to the Pages and increasing their like-numbers under false pretences.

  • Phishing Scams - Anti-Phishing Information
    Phishing scams try to trick users into divulging their personal and financial information to Internet criminals via fake messages and websites

  • Advance Fee Scams - 'Nigerian Scams' - 419 Scam Information
    Criminals send messages offering victims a percentage of a large sum of money in exchange for their help with a supposed business deal. Victims are then tricked into sending the criminals various upfront fees that are supposedly required to allow the deal to proceed.

  • Email Lottery Scams - International Lottery Scam Information
    Lottery scams are types of advance fee scams that falsely claim that victims have won a large prize in an international lottery but must send various mandatory fees before the prize money can be released.

  • Payment Transfer Job Scam Emails - Laundering Scams
    Scammers send bogus messages offering victims jobs in which they are instructed to bank payments from various third parties, keep a percentage as their 'wage' and wire the remainder back to their 'employers'. The scheme is a method of 'laundering' stolen money.

  • Overpayment Scams
    Overpayment scams are another form of money laundering in which criminals send considerably more than the agreed price for an item or service and ask victims to wire the remainder to a 'third party'.

  • Internet Dating Scams
    Criminals pretend to be romantically interested in people they have 'met' online. After they have gained the trust of victims, the scammers will begin asking them for money or try to involve them in money-laundering schemes or other criminal activities.

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