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Kmart Australia Giveaway Like-Farming Scam

Facebook Page claiming to be the official Kmart Australia page offers giveaways of expensive items such as TV's and iPads to users who like the page and share its images.

Brief Analysis
The Page is not the official Kmart Facebook Page and has no connection to the real Kmart at all. The Page is a like-farming scam designed to accumulate likes and shares under false pretences. There are no prizes and no winners.  Kmart has warned users about the scam page via its genuine Facebook Page.

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Kmart Like Farming Scam

Detailed Analysis

Messages currently appearing on Facebook are promoting a Facebook Page that bills itself as the "official Kmart Australia Facebook page".  Visitors to the Page are told that they can enter to win expensive prizes such as LED TV's and iPads just by "liking" the Page and sharing images of the supposed prizes.

However, the Page is NOT the official Kmart Australia Facebook Page as claimed. In fact, it has no affiliation or connection with Kmart whatsoever. Kmart has warned users about the bogus Page via its genuine Facebook Page, noting:

Thanks to our fans for letting us know of another page acting as Kmart Australia. This page is currently offering a competition to win a TV and is not affiliated with Kmart Australia. Please be aware that this is a scam and we have contacted Facebook to have the page removed.

The fake Page is designed to trick users into liking and sharing its material. There are no prizes and no winners. The supposed prizes are just the bait used to trick people into liking and sharing. The scammers responsible for the fake page have stolen and misused the Kmart name and logo in a lame attempt to make their claims seem more legitimate.

The scammers, known as like-farmers, are intent on amassing as many likes for their bogus pages as possible. And, by getting people to share their material and add comments, they are effectively promoting their scam to a much wider audience, which equates to even more likes.

Pages with high like numbers can later be sold on the black market, renamed and re-branded to suit the goals of the buyer, and used to promote the buyer's products or services. They can also be used to launch survey scams, possibly collect personal information from participants, and other types of nefarious activity. 

Like-farming is becoming more and more common on Facebook with new bogus Pages offering expensive prizes appearing on the network every day.

Do not further the goals of these unscrupulous users by liking and sharing their material. Don't be fooled. Be wary of any Facebook message that claims that you can win an expensive prize just by liking a Page or sharing a picture.

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Last updated: July 10, 2013
First published: July 10, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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