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No, the Labour Party is NOT Planning to Introduce a 'Pet Tax'


Circulating report claims that, if elected in 2015, the Labour Party in Britain is planning on introducing a "pet tax" that would require pet owners to pay a hefty monthly fee for each animal they own.

Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are untrue. The Labour Party has not announced any plans for a "pet tax" like the one described. The fake report comes courtesy of The Daily Bale, a far-right blog that specializes in publishing outright lies and slanderous nonsense in order to push it's sick and twisted political agenda. The report is apparently nothing more than a pathetic attempt to discredit the Labour Party.


Labour party want to introduce ‘Pet Tax’

With the 2015 general election fast approaching, the daily bale has been investigating claims that a labour party government would introduce a radical new ‘Pet tax’ to British households.

Detailed Analysis

According to a "news" report that is circulating via social media and is being reposted to various political blogs and forums, the Labour Party in the UK is planning to introduce a "pet tax" if elected in the 2015 election. The report claims that the Labour party would require pet owners to pay £50 for each dog, £40 for each cat, and £35 for any smaller animals every month.

However, the claims in the report are outright lies. The Labour Party has not announced plans to introduce a tax like the one described in the bogus report. Given that the proposed tax would cost some households hundreds of pounds per month, such an announcement would amount to an act of political suicide.

And, of course, such a controversial proposal would without doubt receive extensive media coverage. But, searches reveal no credible references to such a tax.

The report, which is designed to emulate a news article, is apparently nothing more than a lame and ill-conceived attempt to further the political agenda of its author. 

The report was originally published by a far-right outfit that calls itself The Daily Bale. The Daily Bale specializes in inventing outrageous, slanderous, and entirely fictional stories designed to foster its twisted political agenda. Nothing on the Daily Bale website is even remotely credible.

And it is certainly not the first time that the Daily Bale has spread malicious lies tricked up as "news".

In October 2013, it circulated an entirely fake missing child poster that falsely claimed that an "Asian grooming gang" had kidnapped a 6-year-old named Amy Hamilton from the Croydon area of London.

In September 2013, it was responsible for circulating another racist lie that claimed an Asian youth had punched a baby.

And, in August, 2013 it launched yet another false report that claimed that owners of the Globe Pub in Leicester, UK, had banned all British military personnel from entering their premises for fear of upsetting local non-British customers. This heinous lie caused significant problems for the pub, which of course, had no such exclusion policy and had done nothing wrong.

Ironically, even some of Britain's other rightist organizations have warned their followers that information posted by the Daily Bale is untrue. An August 2013 Facebook post by The British Patriots Society noted:
Please be aware that the "Daily Bale" page and website is a troll page, and their stories are fabricated. Before you post anything it's always worthwhile to check it out yourself just to make sure it's true but I doubt very much that you'll find any of the stories from the Daily Bale that are true!
Purposely spreading racist, malicious and damaging lies just to foster a particular worldview is immoral and unethical. It is also rather pathetic. Any group or organization willing to use such tactics loses every shred of credibility and is beneath contempt.

Last updated: January 28, 2014
First published: January 28, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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