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Video Of Plane With Failed Landing Gear Landing on a Small Truck


Widely circulated video appears to show a pickup truck "catching" the front of a landing passenger jet with failed landing gear thereby saving the aircraft and its passengers from disaster.

Plane With Failed Landing Gear Landing on a Small Truck

Brief Analysis

The video does not show footage of a real incident. Instead it is a cleverly constructed commercial for a Nissan Frontier truck.


Subject: Landing a plane on a truck

If this is a trick/con job, it has been done very well. If not, nothing short of amazing. Must be an awfully fast truck.

Detailed Analysis

This "viral" video, which is circulating via YouTube and other social media sites has caused a flurry of debate among viewers. I have also had dozens of submissions from readers asking if the video is genuine. Supposedly, the video depicts a passenger airliner with disabled front gear being saved by a fast-thinking pickup truck driver. The video, which is made to look like a breaking TV news story, depicts the truck racing under the nose of the landing jet and catching the disabled landing gear in its bed, thereby effectively substituting as the aircraft's front wheels. The video includes interviews with passengers and airport staff and even the intrepid truck driver himself.

Of course, the footage does not depict a real event. In fact, the video is part of a clever ad campaign for Nissan Frontier pickup trucks. The following video depicts another version of the commercial that includes promotional material for the Nissan Frontier.

The TV ad was created by Los Angeles based agency, TBWA\Chiat\Day and is discussed in more detail in an October 4, 2011 article published on the AdWeek website.

It hardly needs to be said that attempting the stunt in real life would likely end in disaster for both the aircraft and the hapless truck driver. In reality, it is vastly improbable that the driver could gain speed quickly enough to actually get under the aircraft's nose at the crucial time of touchdown, dare I say, even if he was driving a Nissan Frontier. And, of course, the weight of the massive aircraft would quickly crush even the most robust of pickup trucks. Nevertheless, people do enjoy discussing the "what if" aspects of such fictional events.

The ad is strongly reminiscent of the famous short film '405' that features a stricken airliner's encounter with a Jeep and its hapless driver. In 405, released in the year 2000, a part of a highway is blocked off so that the plane can make an emergency landing. But the man in the Jeep - along with an old lady in a Lincoln - find themselves on the deserted highway as the plane makes its landing.

Last updated: September 8, 2014
First published: 1st December 2011
By Brett M. Christensen
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