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'Here's the Link HeHe' Facebook Phishing Scam Messages

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Facebook timelines are currently being hit by scam messages designed to trick users into clicking a phishing link.

The text of the scam messages vary. Some suggest that you check out a 'foolish movieclip' or 'silly woman'. Some ask if you have saved a picture. There may also be several other variations.

A follow up comment to these initial messages contains the malicious link along with variations of the words 'here's the link hehe'. Clicking this link opens a fake Facebook login page. The page is designed to look like a normal Facebook login.

If you enter your Facebook account login details on the fake page, you may be automatically redirected to a random Instagram page. But, meanwhile, the scammers can harvest your login information and use it to hijack your Facebook account.

Once they have gained access to your account, they can use it to post the same scam message on your Timeline. Your Facebook friends may see the post, and because they think you posted it, they may click the link and subsequently compromise their own accounts. In this way, more and more accounts may be hijacked.

The scammers may also use the hijacked accounts to launch other types of scam and spam campaigns.

If you see one of these messages, do not click any links in either the message itself or subsequent comments.



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Check out Movieclip Phishing Message

check out this silly woman

here's the link hehe [Link removed]

Phishing Scam

Last updated: June 11, 2015
First published: June 11, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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