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Picture of Little Girl Ghost Caught on Deer Cam?


Widely circulated image purportedly shows the ghost of a little girl in a gingham dress captured by a hidden deer cam.

Ghost Girl

Brief Analysis

Alas, the little girl ghost is not real. The image was created with a smart phone app called "Ghost Capture". The gingham clad youngster is just one of a large selection of "ghosts" that app users can add to their images.  As revealed below, the little ghost has even haunted the Hoax-Slayer office.


This pic was taken by someones deer cam. The pic befor n after still has Buck in It but no little girl .the guy who shared this says hes not going out to his deer blind again. But nice buck.

Ghost Deer Cam

Detailed Analysis

This rather compelling image shows a large buck caught on a deer cam along with what appears to be the semi-transparent ghost of a little girl in a gingham dress. The message suggests that the owner of the deer cam is now too frightened to go back to his deer blind.

But, sadly, the little ghost is not a real one. The image is the result of some digital tomfoolery, this time via a smartphone app called "Ghost Capture".  The app allows uses to take a photograph - or select an existing image - and add the ghost of their choice from an entire gallery of ghosts. The transparency of the ghost can be adjusted and the resulting image can be saved or shared.

Predictably, the little ghost girl has turned up, not only in the above deer cam pic, but in a number of other "ghost pictures" that circulate online.  In fact, as the below picture reveals, not one but two of the little girl ghosts have infiltrated the Hoax-Slayer office.

Spooky! I may have to leave the office for coffee (or beer) until she leaves!

Ghost Cam Deer

Last updated: September 23, 2014
First published: September 26, 2013
Research: David White, Brett Christensen
By Brett M. Christensen
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Ghost Capture - By GDE Film, LLC
As Predicted, Fakes Abound In Wake Of Ghost Apps