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Lou Ferrigno Is NOT Dead


Circulating report claims that popular US actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno has been killed in a car accident.

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Brief Analysis

The report is a hoax. Lou Ferrigno is alive and well. The story comes from a fake news website that pretends to be a USA Today page.


Lou Ferrigno Killed in Automobile Accident
Reports say beloved Lou Ferrigno was killed in a multi-vehicle crash between Santa Barbara and Goleta. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body. Witnesses say a blue Ford F150 was seen driving recklessly just before the accident and was also seen speeding away after the accident.

A spokesperson for the Santa Barbaria Police Dept. told reporters that Mr. Ferrigno's vehicle rolled several times killing him instantly. They did not have a cause of the accident as of yet.

Lou Ferrigon Not Dead

Detailed Analysis

According to a report that is currently circulating rapidly via social media, popular actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno has died in a car accident. The report claims that Lou was killed in a multi-vehicle crash while driving between Santa Barbara and Goleta.

Report is a Hoax:

However, the claims in the story are untrue. Lou Ferrigno is alive and well and he was not involved in a car accident. The report is just one more in a long series of nasty death hoaxes that falsely claim that a famous person has died. Many other celebrities have 'died' in car accidents, New Zealand cliff falls or snowboarding mishaps.

Pretends to be from USA Today:

The fake news report is hosted on a website that tries rather lamely to associate itself with news publication USA Today by using a similar URL. A disclaimer at the bottom of the page notes that there is no association between the two sites. However, many users will likely not notice this disclaimer.

Always Verify Celebrity Death Messages:

If you receive a social media message or email claiming that a celebrity has died, it is important to check the claim via a reputable source before you share it. The death of a famous person always generates a great deal of media attention. Therefore, a quick search of a news portal such as Google News should quickly reveal if a celebrity has really died.

Some Fake Death Messages are Malicious:

While this particular message is just a hoax, some fake death messages contain links to rogue apps, malware websites or survey scams. If one of these death messages comes your way, do not click any links that it contains.

Last updated: May 29, 2014
First published: May 29, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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