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SURVEY SCAM - 'Free $250 McDonalds Gift Card'


Message appearing on Facebook claims that you can click a link to get a McDonalds gift card worth $250.

mcdonalds $250 gift card scam
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Brief Analysis

The message is a scam. $250 gift cards are not being given away as claimed and the message has no connection to McDonalds. The message is an attempt to trick you into first spamming your friends with the same fake offer and then providing personal information via bogus online surveys.


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Detailed Analysis

Message Offers Facebook Users $250 McDonalds Gift Cards

A message currently appearing on Facebook feeds invites you to click a link to grab one of several hundred free McDonalds gift cards worth $250 each. The 'limited time offer' features the McDonalds logo and slogan along with a number stating how many gift cards are supposedly left.

Message is a Scam - No Gift Cards

However, the claims in the message are lies and the promise of free gift cards is just a trick designed to get you to click the link. There are no gift cards. And, the supposed offer is not associated with McDonalds.

If you did click the link in the scam message, you would be taken to a fake Facebook page and instructed to first share the promotion on your Facebook feed and then copy and paste a version of the message to five different Facebook Groups.

But, even after you carry out these instructions - thereby spamming your friends and Groups with the same fake offer - you will still not get to claim your promised gift card.

Instead, you will be informed that, before getting your gift card, you must participate in one or more surveys as a condition of entry. You will be presented with a pop-up window with links to several available surveys.

But, no amount of survey participating will ever get you the promised gift card, which never existed.

Meanwhile, you may have been tricked into parting with your mobile phone number, email address, home address and other personal details, supposedly so that you can go in the draw for various prizes. The information will be used to subscribe you to expensive SMS services and inundate you with unwanted phone calls, emails, and junk mail.

The scammer who created the bogus gift card promotion will earn an affiliate commission each and every time that you and your friends participate in a survey and provide personal information.

Some versions of the scam may also try to trick you into installing rogue Facebook applications or downloading malicious plugins.

Beware Posts Offering Free Gift Cardsor Prizes

Unfortunately, fake promotions like this one are extremely common on Facebook. The scammers use the false promise of gift cards and vouchers from many different companies as a means of enticing users to click and participate.

Be wary of any Facebook post that claims that you can get gift cards, vouchers, or other prizes just for sharing a promotional message and participating in a survey.

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Last updated: August 18, 2014
First published: August 18, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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