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Missing Child Hoaxes

  • False Child Abduction Alert ? 'Lilly Snatched From Surrey'
    Circulating social media message claims that 3-year-old Lilly was snatched from the Surrey area of the UK within the last hour. The message includes a picture of the child along with the registration number and description of the car she was last seen in.
    Published: July 15, 2013

  • Yohana Ravelo Missing Teenager Hoax
    Message claims that 17 year-old Yohana Ravelo is missing from her Coral Gables, Florida home.
    Updated: 1st December 2009

  • Michael Hunt Missing Child Message
    Email message claims that a fifteen year old boy named Michael Hunt is missing from Longs South Carolina.
    Upated: 1st December 2009

  • Penny Brown Hoax
    Email claims that 9-year-old Penny Brown is missing and urges you to forward the message to others.
    Updated: 25th November 2009

  • Carissa Malanitch Missing Child Hoax
    Email forward claims that 13 year old Carissa Malanitch is missing and asks recipients to pass on the message in the hope that someone knows where she is.
    Published: 12th February 2009

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