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HOAX - 'Mother Suing Marvel Due to Son's Spider-Man Death Jump'


Circulating report claims that a mother is suing comic publisher Marvel because her son jumped from a six-story window to his death after watching a Spider-Man movie.

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Brief Analysis

The report is fiction. It originates from the fake news website, which is responsible for launching a host of viral Internet hoaxes in recent months. The image used in the hoax was lifted from a 2011 news report about an attempted suicide. Nothing published on should be taken seriously.


Mother is Suing Marvel For $50 Million Dollars After Son Died Jumping Out 6th Story Window After Waching 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
Aaron Clinton, a 12 year old boy who was 'obsessed with Spider-Man' died earlier today after jumping out his 6th story apartment window.
His Mother, Cheryl Clinton is suing Marvel, the company that owns Spider-Man, for $50 Million Dollars.

Aaron's Mother blames Spider-Man for her son's death.

Mother Suing Marvel Hoax

Detailed Analysis

According to a report circulating via social media, a woman is suing comic publisher Marvel for $50 million after her Spider-Man obsessed son jumped to his death from a six-story window. The report claims that the boy jumped after watching the movie, 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'. Supposedly, the woman is claiming that her son's death is 'Marvel's fault for making kids think they can be superheroes'.

Report is a Hoax:

However, the claims in the report are untrue. Marvel is not being sued as claimed and - thankfully - the accident described did not occur. The story was first published on the bogus news website, but has since been republished on various other 'news' blogs and websites.

Image in Report is Unrelated:

As 'evidence', the fake report features a photograph that supposedly depicts the scene of the boy's tragic death. However, the image was stolen from a 2011 news story about a suicide attempt and no connection to the satirical report. In the real incident, a suicidal man jumped from the tenth floor of a Manhattan apartment block but survived after landing in a pile of garbage.

Huzlers Reports Are Fiction: churns out a steady stream of fanciful nonsense, all tricked up to look like news. The site fancies itself as satirical, noting in a page footer disclaimer: is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.

Huzlers stories often escape their original context and begin circulating virally, duping many users as they travel.

Previous Huzlers Hoaxes:

In recent months other Huzlers stories have claimed that: Of course, all of these stories are utter nonsense. In fact, nothing published on or its associated Facebook Page should be taken seriously.