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MSN Phisher Scam

Email claiming to be from the Microsoft Network (MSN) warns recipients that their MSN services will be deactivated unless they verify their identity.


Example:(Submitted, February, 2005)

Subject: Microsoft Network Warning: Your services near to be closed.

Dear MSN Customer,

During one of our regular automatical verification procedures we've encountered a technical problem caused by the fact that we could not verify the information that you provided during registration.

We urgently ask you to submit your information so that we could fully verify your identify, otherwise an access to MSN services for your account will be deactivated until you pass verification process.

To submit your information please use our secure online application - apply here (LINK REMOVED).

Thank you for using our services, MSN Payment Processing Department.

Reproduction any of the above information is strictly prohibited.
Copyright (c) 2005 Microsoft Network. (R) All rights reserved.

This scam email claims that a technical problem requires recipients to verify their identity and includes a link that supposedly leads to an official MSN website form. However, the link actually opens a fake website designed to closely resemble a genuine MSN web page. In fact, the fraudulent page may open as a pop-up on top of the real MSN site. The bogus form asks people to enter a host of highly sensitive personal information, including credit/debit card details, user names and passwords and addresses. Information entered into the bogus form will not be sent to the Microsoft Network. Instead, the data can be harvested by Internet criminals who can use it to access the victim's accounts and /or attempt to steal his or her identity.

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Write-up by Brett M.Christensen