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MSN Shutdown Hoax

Message claims that MSN will be shutting down for a "week or so" to allow problems to be fixed (Full commentary below.)


Example:(Submitted, October 2004)

Subject: MSN will shut down

we are very sorry for the problems that MSN are having but they will be fixed. MSN will shut down at 12:00 tonight for a week or so until we can figure out what has been going on. please send this once again to at least 25 people it doesn't matter if they are the same people just do it so that we will not shut your account down thank you

The emailed "warning" claims that MSN "will shut down at 12:00 tonight" and will remain shutdown for a "week or so". The message doesn't specify a date, which means that the deliberately vague time frame of "tonight" will still appear valid to the unwary regardless of what date they actually receive it.

There is nothing on the MSN home page about any scheduled shutdown. In the highly unlikely event that MSN was actually going to shut down for a week, I'm sure that they would let their clients know about it via their home page or other means. Furthermore, any notification sent by MSN about the shutdown would certainly be a lot more formal and informative then the vague and poorly constructed message quoted above.

This hoax is similar to the long running Hotmail Account Hoax, which claims that the recipient's Hotmail account will be shutdown if the message is not forwarded. Like the Hotmail hoax, this one should be deleted rather than forwarded.

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Last updated: 8th December 2009
First published: October 2004

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

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