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Message Warns Of Requests for Photos Of Babies With Nappies Open

Circulating social media message warns that a woman who frequents baby groups is asking users to send photographs of their babies with nappies open as part of a research project.

Nappy or diaper illustration

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Brief Analysis
Some people have been contacted by a person wanting images of nappies (without babies) supposedly for absorbency research.  It is possible that the warning is derived from these requests. It is of course, important that people do not give strangers images of their babies unclothed.  Approaching strangers and asking them to send nappy photos – even without babies – is not a legitimate method of conducting research. Any supposed research project should be thoroughly vetted before people agree to participate in any way.

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[Urgent New to Share] Brisbane Kids has been alerted that there is a womans profile being used to ask for photos of little ones with their nappy open for 'research' this person is in over 160 groups asking the same question. they are offering gift cards in exchange for images. The woman is show in her profile with kids. This has been reported to the police and facebook but things take time. There have been several brisbane mums group pages targeted- please be vigilent and share with your friends.

Detailed Analysis

According to a message that is currently circulating via Facebook, parents should watch out for a woman who is requesting photographs of babies with their nappies open, ostensibly for a research project. The warning has been posted on popular parenting Facebook page, Brisbane Kids.

Some commentators have reported being approached online by a woman asking for pictures of nappies for supposed absorbency research. However, they note that the person was requesting images of just the nappies, not the babies wearing them. It is likely that the current warning is derived from these alleged absorbency research requests. One such request message is replicated below:

Nappy Reserach Request Message

In subsequent conversations, the poster asks for pictures of the inside of the child's nappy, but stresses that she only wants images of the nappy itself not the baby.

But, even requests for nappy photos without the babies cannot be considered a legitimate or credible method of conducting research and should be treated as highly suspect.  Police are reportedly now investigating the issue. It is possible that the person making the requests is trying to gather personal information about participants to be used in further scam attempts.

Any request to participate in a research project on any subject should be checked out thoroughly. Legitimate research projects should have easily verifiable information about the aims of the project, what organization or individuals are conducting it and how details provided by participants will be used and stored. Never agree to provide personal information or photographs for use in a research project unless the project has been well vetted and found to be legitimate.

It is of course very important that people do not give strangers images of their children clothed or unclothed. In fact, it is difficult to imagine any parents agreeing to send images of their babies with their nappies open to a total stranger that contacted them via an online group.

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Last updated: August 7, 2013
First published: August 6, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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