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Spider in Oreo Cookie Photograph

Circulating message that features a photograph depicting an Oreo cookie (or a similar brand of sandwich cookie) with a spider apparently pressed into the cream, suggests that people might want to open their Oreos before eating them.

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© Veronika Pavlova

Brief Analysis
It cannot be ruled out that the image does show a spider somehow caught between cookie halves during the manufacturing process. But, given the fully automated and very rapid methods in which sandwich cookies are made, this scenario seems unlikely. A more plausible explanation is that someone simply smashed a hapless spider with a cookie half and then snapped the picture. And, in fact, the person who reportedly took the photograph told David Emery from that this is exactly how the picture came about.

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I bet you will open every Oreo you ever eat from now on. Just in case.

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Detailed Analysis
Versions of this message, which feature a photograph showing a spider apparently squashed into the cream filling of a chocolate sandwich cookie, have been circulating since early 2013. The cookie is generally identified as an Oreo, but could well be a similar type of cookie made by another company.

The messages suggest that sandwich cookie lovers might want to open their cookies to check for hidden spiders before scoffing them down.

The exact circumstances in which the photograph was taken remain a little murky. There is no reason to doubt that the image really does show a spider mushed into a cookie.  And, it is not entirely impossible that the hapless arachnid did somehow stray into cookie manufacturing machinery and got itself amalgamated into the cookie filling.

But, sandwich cookies such as Oreos are made in very clean, highly automated facilities that process cookies at very high speeds. A viewing of the following video depicting how such sandwich cookies are made suggests that the inclusion of an intact spider in the cookie cream seems unlikely:

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Last updated: November 7, 2013
First published: November 7, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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Spider in Oreo Cookie
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