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Fake-News: 'Pastor Sentenced to Prison for Refusing to Marry Gay Couples'

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According to several circulating reports, a Christian Pastor in Proctor, Vermont has been sentenced to one year in prison for refusing to marry gay couples. The reports claim that 56-year-old Pastor Paul Horner received the sentence soon after the US Supreme Court ruled that American states must allow same-sex marriage.

The reports are causing a good deal of angst and consternation as they travel with many commentators decrying the harsh sentence and defending the pastor's stance.

However, the claims in the reports are false. The case described is not real and no such sentence has been imposed. There are no credible news articles that support the claims in the circulating reports.

It should be noted that the ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs. Other such cases may follow. Nevertheless, the Davis case has no connection to the fake reports discussed here.

The reports originate from various bogus websites that attempt to gain site visitors by spreading nonsense disguised as news. These sites often write fictional stories that deal with controversial topics because they know that stories about such topics will be widely shared and will receive many visitors.

One of the false reports comes from a fake-news blog that tries to trick visitors into believing it is associated with NBC news. It called itself 'NBC' and uses the website address ''. The genuine NBC website is ''. By registering a domain name that includes '.co' after the '.com', the fraudsters can create a website that, at first glance, may seem to be genuine. Unfortunately, many visitors may not even notice the '.co' in the web address and assume that they are on the real NBC website.

A follow-up version of the same story has also been published on a fake-science website called the Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT). WIT is supposedly a long-established scientific research organisation. In reality, no such organisation exists and the articles published on the WIT website are simply made up. Often, the site's articles are used as means of adding support and credibility to false stories published on other fake-news websites.

It is wise to verify any strange or unusual reports that circulate via social media before you share them. There are a growing number of fake news websites that, between them, produce an endless stream of nonsense, much of which goes viral and circulates far and wide. A quick search on a news portal such as Google News will usually reveal if a circulating story is true.



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CONFIRMED TRUE: Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple

News of a pastor in Proctor, Vermont being sentenced to one-year in prison for refusing to marry gay couples is 100% true.

Fake News - Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison

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Last updated: July 14, 2015
First published: July 14, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple
CONFIRMED TRUE: Christian Pastor In Vermont Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Refusing To Marry Gay Couple
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