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'Pay Slip From Marketing' Malware Email

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Email claims that you can open an attached file to view a pay slip from an organization called 'Marketing Pty Ltd'.

Beware Malware

Brief Analysis

The email is not from any legitimate company and the attachment does not contain a pay slip. Instead, the attached file harbours a trojan that, once installed, can allow criminals to access your computer.



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Subject: Pay Slip from Marketing Pty

Please find attached your pay slip for payment date 13/02/2015. Should you have any queries in relation to the attachment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email includes an attached file named:

Detailed Analysis

Email Claims Attachment Contains Pay Slip

According to this brief and to-the-point email, you can find a pay slip for a recent payment date inside an attached file. The subject line and attachment name suggest that 'Marketing Pty Ltd' sent the email.

Email is a Scam - Attachment Contains Malware

However, the email is not from 'Marketing Pty Ltd' or any legitimate company. And the attachment does not contain a pay slip.

Instead, the attached .zip file harbours a malicious .exe file. Clicking the .exe file can install a trojan on computers running Microsoft Windows. Once installed, the trojan may provide criminals with the ability to access and control the infected computer. More malware may be downloaded, some of which may steal sensitive information such as account passwords from the infected computer.

Details, such as the supposed payment date, may vary in different incarnations of the message. Similar ruses have been used many times in the past.

Simple Social Engineering Tricks Still Effective

Like countless other malware and phishing messages, this email uses quite simple social engineering techniques to trick people into opening the malicious attachment.

Such techniques do work.

People may click because they are curious to find out why they have been sent payment information by a company they know nothing about. Or they may click because they fear that some kind of fraud is occurring in their names.

Recipients may click because they lack knowledge about such attacks, or simply because they are busy, stressed, or tired.

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Last updated: February 18, 2015
First published: February 18, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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Payment Slip Confirmation Malware Email