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Faux Image - Mounted Police Officer Riding Giant Dog


Circulating image appears to depict a police officer mounted on a giant dog alongside another officer on a horse.

Brief Analysis

Most viewers will quickly realize that the image is digitally manipulated and does not really show a police officer riding a dog. It was an entry in a Worth1000 photo effects contest titled 'Animal Proportions 4'. The image, created by user 'steveRS', received first place in the contest.


Police Dog

Detailed Analysis

This picture, which depicts a Mounted Police officer astride a massive dog, circulates via social media and has been posted to numerous blogs and forums. In the picture, the dog is every bit as large as the police horse beside it.

But, of course, the picture does not really show a police officer riding a giant dog. In fact, the image is the result of some rather clever digital manipulation using source pictures of horse-riding police officers and a large dog. The image was the winning entry in a Worth1000 photo effects contest named Animal Proportions 4 and was created by Worth1000 contributor, steveRS.

Nevertheless, the manipulation is very well done and at least a few recipients have apparently been fooled. Image effects contest entries often escape the confines of their original context page and circulate online, fooling more wide-eyed recipients as they travel.

A host of other animals, both massive and tiny, appear in other Animal Proportions 4 entries.

Last updated: July 9, 2013
First published: July 9, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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