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Hoax-Slayer eBook - Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, Internet Scams & Phone Scams

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft Internet Scams & Phone Scams

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world?

Every 2 seconds an American becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud. In fact, people all around the world are increasingly becoming victims of identity theft and various types of online and phone fraud.

This 162 page book identifies over 30 ways identity theft can occur and discusses how to recognize and protect yourself in each instance.

Do you know the six essential strategies for safe computing, and are you practicing them?

What about safe use of your smartphone?

Can you recognize scam phone calls and understand how identity thieves and fraudsters trick people into parting with their money and personal information?

Are you looking for love or employment opportunities online? Can you recognize the telltale signs of a dating or job scam?

How can you help protect your elderly parent online?

This eBook provides answers to these questions and many more.

In the eBook, we focus mainly on prevention. We discuss how to recognize and detect various ways that identity thieves and fraudsters try to steal your personal information and your money.

Of course, preventing fraud and identity theft is much better than trying to recover from such attacks. However, we provide three concluding chapters that outline what steps to take if you feel you may already have become a victim of identity theft or fraud.

We also include a Resource Section, grouped by country, that contains website links and contact details for government departments and other organizations that can provide further help for victims.

Here is a list of the book's chapter headings:

Chapter 1: What This Book Is About
Chapter 2: Essential Strategies for Safe Computing
Chapter 3: The Ever Increasing Threat of Malware
Chapter 4: The Dangers of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Chapter 5: The Hidden Dangers of Spam
Chapter 6: The Secure Use Of Payment Cards Online
Chapter 7: How To Safely Enjoy Online Shopping
Chapter 8: Public Wi-Fi Security Risks
Chapter 9: The Threat Of Electronic Pickpocketing: Genuine Or Over-Hyped?
Chapter 10: Dumpster Diving: Can Your Trash Come Back To "Byte" You?
Chapter 11: Social Media: Protecting Your Personal Information
Chapter 12: Safe and Secure Emailing
Chapter 13: USB Drives: How A Tiny Device Can Cause Big Problems
Chapter 14: Why Safe Disposal Of Digital Devices Is Important
Chapter 15: What You Need To Know To Avoid Medical Identity Theft
Chapter 16: US Military: One Simple Step To Help Avoid Identity Theft
Chapter 17: Don't Let Scammers Ruin Your Travel Plans
Chapter 18: Recognizing Child Identity Theft
Chapter 19: Preventing Identity Theft Of A Deceased Loved One
Chapter 20: What College Students Need To Know About Identity Theft
Chapter 21: Protecting The Elderly Against Identity Theft
Chapter 22: Data Breaches: What to Do
Chapter 23: Recognizing & Avoiding Phishing Scams
Chapter 24: Recognizing & Avoiding Advance Fee Scams
Chapter 25: Recognizing & Avoiding Advance Fee Lottery Scams
Chapter 26: Dirty Money: Money Laundering Employment Scams
Chapter 27: Don't Be Fooled By Overpayment Scams
Chapter 28: Six Employment Scams To Watch Out For
Chapter 29: Looking for Love? Online Dating Scams
Chapter 30: How To Prevent Becoming A Victim Of Charity Fraud
Chapter 31: Secure Use Of Smartphones
Chapter 32: Phone Scams: It All Started With A Phone Call
Chapter 33: What To Do If You Believe You May Be A Victim Of Identity Theft
Chapter 34: Steps To Take If Your Driver's License Is Lost Or Stolen
Chapter 35: Steps To Take If Your Wallet Or Purse Is Lost Or Stolen
Chapter 36: Resources

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Brett and Deborah Christensen

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