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Malicious Hoax Falsely Claims Leicester Pub Bans British Soldiers

Viral social media message claims that owners of the Globe Pub in Leicester, UK, have banned all British military personnel from entering their premises for fear of upsetting local non-British customers. The message features a picture supposedly depicting the owners of the pub.

British Pub

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Brief Analysis
The claims in the message are heinous lies. The Globe pub has not banned military personnel in any way. Moreover, the image used in the message is stolen from a completely unrelated article and does not show the owners of the Globe.  The false story was published and promoted via a politically oriented blog that consistently uses outright lies to further it own twisted world-view.

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Pub Owners ban British Soldiers

Posted on August 16, 2013 by thedailybale
The Globe Pub in Leicester has recently enforced a new scheme which seeks to ban all British military personnel from entering their premises in fear of upsetting local non British citizens.

Christine & Thomas Hamilton, owners of the Globe pub have issued the following statement,

“In this modern era we must be respectful of the ever expanding multicultural society in Britain, we live in quite a diverse and beautiful land where the slightest thing can upset many people.  We have taken the brave step to enforce a military ban at the Globe, tensions are currently high with the local Islamic community and out of respect it’s the least we can do”.

(Christine & Thomas Hamilton pictured)

Militray Pub Ban Hoax

Detailed Analysis

A message that started circulating rapidly via social media in mid August 2013, claims that a British pub has recently implemented a ban on all British military personnel due to fear of offending non-British patrons. The message, which links to an article published on the Daily Bale blog, identifies the hotel as the Globe pub in Leicester and includes a photograph supposedly depicting the pub's owners standing near the bar.

However, the claims in the message are heinous lies apparently intended to further inflame the political passions of the credulous readers of the blog the article was originally published on.

The Globe Pub has not implemented any ban on the military and has no intention of doing so.  The Globe published the following message on its Twitter Feed on Aug 17, 2013:

the story regarding banning ex-military from the globe is absolute rubbish, we are currently seeking legal advice. please share
The malicious rumours reportedly started after the Pub's Facebook Page was hacked and the fake military ban message was posted by an unknown offender. The story was then reiterated by the Daily Bale blog.
The false messages caused a considerable backlash with hotel staff receiving a barrage of abusive and threatening phone calls. In fact, the pub was forced to close for a short time so that extra security staff could be arranged. Police are investigating. A BBC news report on the incident notes:
Owner Everards Brewery said it shut the pub for a short time on Saturday while more security staff were brought in.

Leicestershire Police are investigating an offence of malicious communication.
Everards managing director, Stephen Gould, said: "We were placed in a position that throughout the day our staff had to respond to very aggressive people obviously believing that the policy was true. [.....]

He added: "We have no idea why The Globe was targeted but we will be working with police to find out why this happened."

Moreover, the photograph in the message does not show the owners of The Globe at all. The image was stolen and reused in the hoax message from an unrelated 2012 news article that discussed a couple who managed a pub in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Even though the lies were quickly exposed, the Daily Bale published a follow-up article reiterating its original claims and adding even more lies to the mix.

It is important that Internet users verify claims that circulate via social media before sharing them. Spreading false rumours such as this can unfairly damage the reputations of innocent people and businesses. And, it could even place innocent people in physical danger.

Those responsible for the Daily Bale are obviously so morally bankrupt that they are willing to, not only tell blatant lies, but also sacrifice the reputations of innocent people just to promote their own far-right political views. Wilfully and knowingly promoting fictional stories to foster a particular worldview smacks of desperation and those who engage in such tactics are beneath contempt.

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Last updated: August 19, 2013
First published: August 19, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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