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Qantas 'Free First Class Flights' Like-Farming Scam

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According to Facebook Pages currently being promoted across the network, Australian airline Qantas is giving away free first class flights for all of 2015. To win, claim the messages, all you need do is like and share the prize promotion photo.

The Pages imply that they are official Qantas Pages. However, the Pages have no connection to Qantas and they are not giving away free flights as claimed. The Pages are like-farming scams.

As explained in the following video, like-farming scams are designed to gather as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time. Pages with high like numbers can command high prices on the black market. Or, once they have gained a large audience, the fake Pages can be used to perpetrate further scams.

The examples discussed here are in fact just two of several fake Qantas pages currently on Facebook.

The genuine Qantas Facebook Page has warned users about the scams via the following post:
We've been made aware of a number of fake Qantas Facebook pages, and are working with Facebook to have these removed. This is the only official Qantas Facebook page, please disregard any content shared by these unofficial pages.
Very similar scam Facebook pages are targeting other airlines, including Virgin Australia.




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The Flying Kangaroo is now 95 and to celebrate our birthday we have decided to give away Free First Class Flights and $10,000 cash to 10 people! Just follow the rules below.
You must complete the following:
LIKE/SHARE This photo and Comment Happy Birthday.
Like the page to see who wins!

Qantas Birthday Scam Post

Today we at Qantas Australia are proud to announce that we have seated over 3 Million passengers since January 1, 2015! So to celebrate this record setting accomplishment we will be giving out FREE first class flights for the rest of this year! That's an entire year of FREE flights! To win simply complete the step's below.

1. Like and Share this picture...

The winner's will be inbox'd on March 17, 2015

Qantas Like-Farming Post

2014 was an incredible year for Qantas Australia as we seated over 100 million passengers! So to bring in the new year and make your 2015 a special one, we are giving away FREE first class flights for the entire year of 2015! To win simply follow the steps below.
1. Like and Share this photo.

Qantas Like-Farming Post

Like Farming Scams

Last updated: October 13, 2015
First published: January 12, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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