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Circulating 'Fallen Angel' Image Depicts a Sculpture, Not a Real Angel

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A 'breaking news' message currently circulating via social media claims that a real life angel has fallen from the sky in London. The message features an image depicting a rather elderly winged angel prone on the ground surrounded by netting.

The image has the interwebs all agog.

But, alas for angel lovers, the image does not depict an actual real life, flesh and blood angel at all, but rather an art piece created by talented Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. The artists specialize in creating very realistic sculptures made from various materials. The fallen angel sculpture is made from silica gel, fiberglass, stainless steel, and woven mesh. A write-up about the work on the artists' website notes:
In their recent installations using hyper-realistic sculpture, they reverse their original practice: imagination and mythological subjects penetrate into the realm of everyday life and reality. Angel, a life-size sculpture in fiber-reinforced polymer and silica gel of a fallen angel is typical of this new approach. The angel, an old woman in a white gown and with featherless wings, is lying face-down on the ground; maybe sleeping, maybe dead, but certainly immobile and frozen into an all too realistic image.
The angel sculpture was actually created back in 2008, but has recently gained renewed media attention. Mislabeled images of the sculpture have subsequently gone viral via social media.



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BREAKING NEWS: Real Life Fallen Angel Has Fallen From The Sky In London

Right after NASA announced they had found Earth 2.0, an angel fell from the skies to our Earth.

Real Life Fallen Angel Post

Last updated: July 29, 2015
First published: July 29, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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Sun Yuan and Peng Yu - Angel
Sun Yuan and Peng Yu: Angel Article
his fallen angel sculpture is a little too realistic Chinese artists create 'fall of an angel'

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