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PHISHING SCAM - 'Receipt For Payment to Apple Store'


Message purporting to be from PayPal claims to be a receipt for a recent payment to the Apple store. The email includes a 'dispute transaction' link that you can click if you did not authorize the charge.

Paypal receipt
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Brief Analysis

The email is not from PayPal. It is a phishing scam designed to trick you into giving your PayPal account login details and credit card information to criminals.


Subject: Receipt for your payment to Apple Store Australia

Paypal receipt

Detailed Analysis

'PayPal' Email Claims to be Receipt For Apple Store Payment

This email, which claims to be from PayPal, is supposedly a receipt for a recent $158 payment to Apple Australia.

The email includes a 'Dispute Transaction' link that you can click if you did not authorize the listed transaction.

The message is designed to emulate a real PayPal message and includes the PayPal logo.

Email is Not From PayPal - Phishing Scam

However, the email is not from PayPal and the listed transaction is fake. The email is a phishing scam designed to steal your PayPal login details.

The criminals realize that many people who receive the email will quickly click the 'dispute transaction' link in the mistaken belief that their PayPal account has been misused.

The link opens a fake PayPal website that asks you to login with your PayPal email address and password. Once you have 'logged in', you will be taken to a second fake page that asks for identity details and credit card information. Providing the information supposedly verifies your identity so that the payment can be cancelled.

After you supply the information and click the 'Cancel Payment' button, you will receive a final message claiming that the transaction has been successfully cancelled.

Meanwhile, the criminals behind the scam can hijack your PayPal account and use both the account and your credit card to commit fraudulent transactions in your name.

Note that details in these scam emails may varyOther versions may have different transaction amounts and name different vendors. But all are designed to trick you into submitting your personal and financial information to criminals.

Be wary of any email claiming to be from PayPal that asks you to click a link to verify account information or update details. Always login to PayPal by entering the account address into your browser's address bar rather than by clicking a link in an email.

Remember that genuine PayPal emails will always greet you by name. They will note use generic greetings such as 'Dear Customer'. Nor will they use your email address as a greeting.

Paypal receipt

Last updated: November 19, 2014
First published: November 19, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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