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Fake-News: 'Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Invade Ebola'


Circulating report claims that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has called on President Obama to invade Ebola to deal with the 'dangerous and immediate threat to our freedoms and security' posed by the 'evil Ebola empire'.

Sarah palin demands obama
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Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are untrue. Sarah Palin made no such comments. The bogus story comes courtesy of the fake-news 'satirical' website National Report. None of the stories published on National Report are true and they should not be taken seriously.


Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Invade Ebola
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – In her first appearance since family members were involved in a drunken brawl at a snowmobile party, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared as a guest on The Sarah Palin Channel.  The former Vice Presidential candidate called on Barack Obama to apply “swift and immediate ‘invasionary’ action” against Ebola.
A partial transcript of her 'Open Verbal Letter On the Nation’s Behalf' reads:
Dear Mr. President:
I call on you to immediately apply swift and immediate invasionary action against Ebola, located in [the] continent of Africa.

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims Sarah Palin Demands Obama 'Invade Ebola Now'

According to a circulating report, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has stridently called upon US President Obama to invade the evil Ebola empire to curtail Ebola's 'dangerous and immediate threat' to America's freedoms and security.

Supposedly, Palin made the demands to the President via an 'Open Verbal Letter'.

The report implies that the much-lampooned Palin has once again gaffed publicly by mixing up concerns about the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa with the threat posed by the terrorist group Isis.

Story is False - Comes From Fake-News Site 'National Report'

Over the years, Palin has certainly come out with a stream of factually dubious and overtly foolish statements. However, at least in this case, the claims are untrue. Sarah Palin made no such comments and penned no such letter.

The bogus story comes from the fake-news website National Report, which is supposedly satirical. None of the stories published on National Report are true.

However, the site does not include any clear disclaimer indicating the fictional nature of its stories. And, its stories are presented as news articles. Thus, many people tend to believe the fake reports it publishes and share them via social media.

Best to Verify 'News' Reports Before Sharing

With more and more of these 'satirical' fake-news websites appearing online, it is more important than ever to verify 'news' stories that come your way before you share them.

In most cases, a quick search of an online news portal will reveal if a story is true.

Related Palin Meme - 'My Heart Goes Out to the People of Ebola'

Another Sarah Palin meme that is currently circulating consists of a photograph of Palin with the words 'My Heart Goes Out to the People of Ebola'.

But, again, Palin did not utter the words. The post is just a different take on the same joke. The post was created on a meme generator website that allows uses to create their own picture memes and share them with their friends.

Last updated: October 6, 2014
First published: October 6, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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Sarah Palin Calls on Obama to Invade Ebola
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