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Our aim is to provide a place where scam victims can be heard. Where they can narrate what has happened to them. Where by telling their stories, they may prevent further victimization, and provide support for others who have already been scammed.

We recognize that many who have fallen victim to scammers feel very alone and often feel unable to share their experiences due to real or perceived fear of ridicule. This can be an isolating experience, made worse by lack of support.

Hoax-Slayer has, over more than a decade of fighting against Internet fraud, read thousands of messages from people who just want someone to know what has happened to them, and to share their experience. By providing victims a place to make their stories public, we hope that they may feel a sense of validation, support, and community whereby some healing may occur in the telling. And, perhaps by the telling, they can prevent others falling victim to similar scams.

Some common themes occur in many people’s stories. A sense of shame and despair often emanates from their messages. Victims often recount how alone and betrayed they feel after they realize that they have been scammed. And, once they begin to tell their stories, they sometimes experience contempt, lack of understanding and a patronizing attitude rather than the support they deserve.

Are you a scam victim?

We hope that by reading the stories of others, you will feel a little less alone and isolated. We hope that you too will be willing to share your story. And that by doing so, you will feel empowered by speaking up and warning others of exactly how these scammers operate.

Loss of money is only part of the problem. Loss of trust in other people, and in yourself and your own judgment, and lack of emotional support from the wider community, family or friends can exacerbate the original deception and cause even more emotional pain.

We hope you will feel able to share what has helped you heal from your experience, but if you are still struggling, we hope you will identify with other stories published here, and perhaps find some things that may help you in your own recovery.

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Real Stories, Real Victims, Real Survivors