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 Prank Email

Email claims to be an account suspension message from eBay, but is actually a prank directed at (Full commentary below).


Example:(Collected online, 2004)
Dear Sir or Madam,

eBay Account Management regrets to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to credit card verification problems. Your credit card failed to authorize and as a result, your account has been flagged. All further transactions with your account will be denied until this flag is removed.

Please take a moment to confirm your account by going to the following address:

If the link doesn't work by some reason use an alternative link here - and fill in credit card data as well as ebay username and password right in the contact form.

Trully your, eBay account management team.

P.S. If you have any questions or feel that this message has been delivered to you by a mistake please send your complaints to these emails: [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected]

If you urgently need some help regarding this message you may call here:+1.415-665-6387 OR send fax to +1.415-665-7168

The message was sent by mail system in favour to

At first glance the email below looks like a variant of the eBay Phisher Scam. However, this is in fact a prank email aimed at the website. It appears that the purpose of the email is simply to cause trouble for the Shadowcrew website. The email makes no attempt to disguise the links included. Unlike a real eBay phisher scam, the links do not lead to a bogus, "look-a-like" website, nor is the recipient asked to provide sensitive eBay account details. Links lead either to the ShadowCrew site itself or to a contact page for Concentric Dial-up Internet. The email even states that it was "sent by mail system". ShadowCrew has been the target of other prank emails in the past.

Similar prank emails have targeted another website, I would not be surprised if the same individuals were responsible for both the ShadowCrew and DarkProfits prank emails.

Whatever the motivation or origin of the emails, they are nothing more than pointless trash and should be relegated directly to the Deleted Items folder.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen