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Share Your Scam

Has someone filed an "experience request" about you on "Share Your"? (Full commentary below)

Probably not!

Example:(Submitted, June 2004)
######This is not commercial email.######

A user is attempting to share experiences and opinions about you via our website.

The purpose of this email is to inform you that a posting has been made about you at our website. This is email is not commercial in nature.

If this email message was delivered to your spam or bulk email folder please notify your ISP or spam filtering company regarding this mistake on their part.

To view postings about you click here:


Our Identity Protection System is a simple system in which this website sends email messages to the Experience Request author on your behalf, and vice versa. This website will never reveal the identity of the Experience Request author to you, nor will it reveal your identity to the author of the Experience Request.

The Experience Request author will receive your message in an email sent from our website. He/she can then respond to your message via our website by clicking a custom link that appears in the email.

Communication then continues back and forth via our Identity Protection System until one party or the other provides other contact means (phone number, etc.).

IMPORTANT - To add this email address to our Do Not Email List click here:



SYEC Support

SYEC Support Department

Submissions indicate that a new wave of these scam emails has been hitting inboxes.

Basically, the emails are just a hook to entice people to sign up for the company's dubious "service". The emails claim that "A user is attempting to share experiences and opinions about you via our website."

If you access the website via the link provided, you can view an "Experience Request" that lists some vague details. It may state that the user has information about you, but does not say what this information actually is. In order to gain more information, you need to use the "Identity Protection System" to contact the supposed user. However, to access the "Identity Protection System", you need to pay for a "Premium" membership.

Even after you fork out money to sign up for the service, it appears that the only way you can really find out what someone was supposed to have said about you is by using this completely anonymous "Identity Protection System". Apparently, the real identity of the author of the request is not revealed to you even if you are a premium subscriber. According to the site, "sharing of experience and opinions at this website occurs via direct, private email communication between two members using our Identity Protection System". Thus, anybody could have filed an "Experience Request", including the owners of the website, and there is no evidence that the user actually does have further information about you at all. In any case, anonymous "information" such as this is hardly worth procuring and certainly not worth paying for. What's more, in order to access the alleged information, you are dependant on the author's willingness to send it to you via the site's anonymous email system. In other words, you end up paying for a service that provides little more than a means of communicating with an unknown user.

There have been quite a few websites that offer almost identical services, including several "Word Of Mouth" sites. The sites are very similar in functionality and style, and I strongly suspect that the same people operate them all.

In short, this is just another grubby little scam that preys on our natural curiosity. These emails should go directly to the deleted item folder where they belong.

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen