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Fake-News Report Claims Skittles Laced With Cocaine

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According to a report that is currently making its way around the Internet, the FDA has discovered that the popular confectionary Skittles is laced with cocaine. The report claims that the FDA found 'cocaine everywhere' when it conducted unexpected inspections of Skittles factories across the US.

Supposedly, the cocaine was added to the sweets in a deliberate move to cause consumers to become addicted to the product so that they will buy more.

But, although the report is designed to look like genuine news, it is just a work of fiction. The FDA has made no such discovery. And, there are no credible news reports that support the claims that Skittles are laced with cocaine.

The piece comes courtesy of the fake-news website, which churns out a seemingly endless stream of similar - and equally nonsensical - material.

An earlier fake-news report on the site claimed that Coors Light beer was laced with cocaine. Another claimed that AriZona Tea contained human urine.

Huzlers bills itself as the 'most notorious urban satirical entertainment website' and nothing published there should be given any credence. But, alas, because the site presents its fake reports as news and does not include any clear indications that the reports are fictional, many people are apt to share them in good faith.

It is a good idea to verify any strange or unusual 'news' stories that come your way before you share them.



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BREAKING: FDA Discovers Skittles Factories Lacing Products With Cocaine

Today, multiple Skittles Factories were busted after it was discovered that they have been using cocaine to make their Skittles. The factories were busted after FDA Inspectors unexpectedly decided to inspect all Skittles factories nationwide.

Skittles Laced With Cocaine Fake-News

Last updated: August 17, 2015
First published: May 20, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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BREAKING: FDA Discovers Skittles Factories Lacing Products With Cocaine
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